underneath the colosseum pier | the living water

8 april 2017

jesus, i hope i can play with you tomorrow

9 april 2017

easy acoustic guitar, soft singsongy voices, and citrus lime cake.

we sit quietly in the car afterwards, speechless really. golden hour approaches, the 6pm sun is setting. we are headed to the beach.

when we park the car, the street is sunday busy, so not really busy at all.

we are barefoot before we hit the sand, flip flops in hand.

stephen starts us off as we run to the water, sand slowing our speed, but not our energy.

we jump and splash and kick in the puddles. it’s cold but it feels good


a spring of life, the first taste of summer.

it wakes up the children in us.

we run to the pier,

against the wind, our jackets and towels picking up air like kites and capes.

underneath the pier, it feels endless.

as big as a colosseum, with the sun slowly lowering over white foamy waves, falling over, folding over, each column they run into.

standing ankle deep in clear water, feet playing with the loose sand, and little sand crabs, and tiny baby sand clams,

gently brushing our soles.

we stand there for a while, watching the liquid land in front of us wave in and out

the unblocked sun steadily burning our skin, eyes, the tips of our noses — unable to look away — thinking about how we got to this day.

we walk back, the edges of our shorts soggy from the last wave

smiling, overwhelmed at what we were doing.

stephen picks a washed up stick and runs in a spiral

circling it along the sand as justin, jordan and i chase him

completely careless and stupid happy

children playing tag before supper

this is a life that’s full of color

the wind picks up as we take our time back to the car

the sand behind us, a thin grey haze itching our ankles.

justin grabs a handful and lets the breeze push it from his hand

it follows the wind

we are kid_s

this is wonder_ful


originally posted 10 april 2017 on samicase.com