Not many of us know who exactly a court reporter is. Those who know perfectly understand the role of a court reporter. They have an image of a quiet person who is present during the trials. A court reporter is also called a court stenographer or law reporter who writes the spoken things in a written form using different methods like shorthand or machine shorthand. A court reporter service is the most licensed and certified job to record legal proceedings using a stenograph.

Important skill sets of a court reporter:

· Skills and knowledge of the court reporter can help you win or lose a case.

· Court reporters do not have all the skills and resources.

· They have amazing shorthand writing speed (about 225wpm).

· They have amazing interpersonal communication skills.

· They are skilled in English Grammar, both grammar and punctuation.

· They have good understanding of legal concepts.

There are usually two types of court reporters: Ones who work for the judges and the ones who work specifically in the court. The latter ones are called Official Court Reporters. In the early times, only the official court reporters existed which even goes back to the biblical times. In the modern times, more freelance or individual court reporters have emerged, as there is increase in demand of the court reporter services outside the courtroom.Generally, the court reporters have many different methods of doing their work. The most common method is Stenography. During early times, stenographers were only pen writers, as they did not have access to the stenography machine. Another most commonmethod of Court Reporting is “mask” reporting. The court reporter wears a mask and repeats whatever he hears which is recorded later for transcription.

Court reporters need substantial skills in communication and knowledge about the legal proceedings. He must also understand the technicality of what doctors and engineers say in the courtroom. He must also be updated with the latest technology and news from all around the world. Once the reporters have higher level of knowledge or certifications, he can acquire the following jobs:

· Certified Real-time Reporter

· Certified Manager of Reporting Services

· Certified Legal Video Specialist

Oklahoma City is one of the most popular cities where one can find Court Reporters. They find both educational opportunities and jobs in Oklahoma City. In 2016, the number of court reporters grew 6% to about 290 people. The most common methods of court reporting found in this city are “mask” reporting or using some kind of recording machine. Court Reporters in Oklahoma City earn about $21 in an hour. That is about $45,420 annually. If compared to administration and managerial departments, court reporter services is a good career option financially. There are 11 schools in Oklahoma City, itself, which teaches Court Reporting. The most successful ones are:

1. Oklahoma College of Court Reporting

2. Arkansas School of Court Reporting

3. Court Reporting Institute of Kansas City

Court Reporting Services is one of the most successful fields in a law firm. One can always think about making it a profession as anfreelance court reporter or official court reporter. They should keep in mind that all court reporters are not equal. Sometime the lawyers of the firm depend on the 3rd organization in order to fulfill their work.


John Thomas is an expert in the field of courtroom reporting and frequently writes many articles and blogs, helping people in picking up the skills necessary to get into this profession. He recommends LoweryReporters.com as the name to trust for any information relating to becoming a court reporter in Oklahoma.

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