Day -96

I will be posting here short notes about my experience during Hillary Clinton’s presidency. I hope very much that it will be her presidency! Polls are strong and today I am in a good mood.

538’s polls plus forecast is at 74.4%.

I am a private citizen, queer, immigrant, feminist, and finance professional.

My job often feels to me like video game coding. It’s engaging, challenging, demanding, fast-paced. You are never bored and you need to learn all the time. But the final product is not rewarding. The challenge is rewarding. Getting things right is rewarding. Ability to support all my relatives back home is rewarding. However, the glass ceiling is dull. And I would rather break away. Can the next 4 years help me figure out how to make this change? I hope so.

How can I start figuring it out? Maybe I should start with the basics and improve my English. Please forgive me my errors.

Aspiration number 1 is to write without errors in four years.

President Obama is celebrating his 55 today. It is the magic of justice to see someone most deserving, brilliant, intelligent and kind to get elected. This country did something right to deserve him.

Dear Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, will I love you in 4 or 8 years? Will I be sad about your last birthday in the Oval? Let’s find out.

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