Kim Kardashian West is the “Ethnic” Jackie O and The World Still Hasn’t Ended
Ezinne Ukoha

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by this. Kim Kardashian is not white — she’s Armenian. What is the purpose of tearing her (probably, at the end of the day, natural) body down? Unless I’m misunderstanding the article, it’s somewhat concerning that (I think) you’re attempting to imply that she’s purposefully profiting and capitalizing off of the African American experience. Is it not possible that she’s simply flaunting (and creating a very real type of acceptence for) an ethnic (yes, actually ethnic) figure that would have been laughed off and ridiculed 20 years ago? There’s a reason why millions upon millions of young women look up to her as an icon — and that’s not a bad thing!!! The amount of vitriol that she gets for simply having a big ass (Yahoo, Dailymail, whatever white supremacist infested comment section you want to cite) is hateful enough, right? I’m still not sure what she has ever done to receive the type of deep scorn and contempt that I see in this piece.

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