Christmas Stocking Pattern

Shalayne Monson
Nov 13 · 3 min read

For years i’ve dreamed of having cozy yet simple Christmas stockings. I had a set of four that I had been using for the last 3 years that were bearable but I wasn’t in love with them by any means. We are now a family of five and as I was thinking about what I should do for Christmas stockings this year, my best friend said “uhh just make a pattern!”.

I’m so excited to share this simple stocking pattern with all of you! It comes with so many little customizations. Three different sizes: mini/midi/max. Then you can choose what boot style you want. There is a classic boot, knit style, and elf. From there you can pick if you want the top straight or tapered and regular length or tall. You can also choose a regular/tall cuff length.

A handful of my wonderful test team whipped some up so that you can see some examples. Enjoy scrolling through!

Mini — Elf boot (regular length)
Mini — Knit boot (regular)
Midi — Classic boot/Knit boot/Elf boot (all straight and long)
Max — Knit boot regular length
Max — Classic boot (tall)/Knitted boot(tall)
Max — Knitted boot (regular length)/Classic boot (regular length)
Max — Classic boot (regular length)
Max (knit/straight/long) — Max (elf/tapered/long) — Midi (knit/straight/long) — Mini (elf/tapered/long)
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