Haven Protocol Weekly Report

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Here is the second weekly report on Haven by LowMarketCap presented in a different format this time.

Later on you will find details on price in both USD and BTC, relevant posts or news on social media, mining data and what the community has been saying about the coin for the past week.

All info found here is totally available for free on the web.

Let’s start with price details:

XHV/USD — Data taken from coinmarketcap.com
  • Week highest: 0.93$
  • Week lowest: 0.65$
  • Avg. High : 0.83$
  • Avg. Low: 0.72$
  • Highest volume: 32,330$
  • Lowest volume: 10,606$
  • Avg. Volume: 20,551$
XHV/BTC — Data taken from TradeOgre
  • Week highest: 13440 satoshis
  • Week lowest: 10240 satoshis
  • Avg. High: 12800 satoshis
  • Avg. Low: 11223 satoshis

Social media is what generally drives most of the price action and is also where news come from in the cryptosphere. So let’s take a look at this week:

Donjor (developer) keeps being active on Twitter and revealed some details on Offshore Storage and addressed two issues raised in the past week: devs’ anonymity and centralization of mining pools.

Click here to see how Offshore Storage will work
Click here to see the design
Info added to the website to justify devs’ anonymity
The devs are paying attention and doing due diligence to fix the problems that come up — very good sign!

As in the previous edition we were asked to cover the negatives of the project too, here is a discussion with someone who has a very negative opinion on Haven. It’s always good to see opinions debated. (too long for a screenshot; make sure you scroll up and down)

Speaking of discussion… Jiu and Mr. Kruger are the community members who seem to be more keen to discuss everything about the project: why it can be huge, why it can fail, how it can fail, how it can succeed, short and long term, etc.

That is something fundamental for any crypto project and should be highly encouraged. Discussion helps raise awareness for possible issues and if we all give our 2 cents on a project we strongly believe in the outcome can only be positive.

Last week, two concerns were pointed out by the community (centralization and the devs’ anonymity) and the developers responded in a very timely manner. Win-Win for everybody involved.

XHV debate? Bring it on!

What’s your main concerns regarding this project? What should be taken into account for the whole idea to work? Let us know under our latest Twitter post.

Unfortunately, mining data was forgotten during the week once again and as such the data shown below was taken today (14/08/2018).

Data taken from minecryptonight.net

Well, that’s it folks! Hope you enjoyed the ride and again, please provide feedback on how to improve the reports! Other coins will be covered in the future. Ahhh, and give us a follow if you haven’t yet :)