Haven Protocol Weekly Report #3

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… and the third weekly report is out!

This was probably the most important week for Haven since its debut as the first Testnet was released on August 16th.

Later on you will find details on price in both USD and BTC, relevant posts or news on social media, mining data and what the community has been saying about the coin for the past week.

All info found here is totally available for free on the web.

As usual, let’s start with price details:

XHV/USD — Data taken from coinmarketcap.com
XHV/BTC — Data taken from TradeOgre (price in satoshis)
Values in Satoshis

What about Social Media?

On the 16th of August Donjor announced the beginning of a closed community Testnet:

LowMarketCap asked for a comment on what is being tested, what they found out so far and when we can expect the next Testnet and Donjor replied like this:

“… we are testing out the Offshore Storage process and user interaction. We are hoping to iron out bugs and take the advice of our testers. Overall really great response and feedback, we have some UI bugs to fix before we have an open Testnet for the wider community. We are hoping to have many Testnets from now till Mainnet release. Definitely more to come this quarter.”

notsofast was one of the community members invited to this testing phase:

Also, I invited Donjor to make a statement on Seb’s constant accusations,

and he replied as follows:

Replying to Seb is really just feeding the trolls. He has a major issue with coins with a Governance fee — those concerns are warranted. The community was 5:1 in favour of adding a 5% governance fee as we didn't have the funding to pay for legal requirements, exchanges, bounties, developers, marketing etc. unfortunately the development of XHV would stall without this funding. Selling my stake in the project to self fund the legal fees would mean i would have to give up development and go back to working in the corporate world unfortunately.

Still on the possible shortcomings of the project:

TaiwanesePanda pointed out that

And Jiu mentioned the challenge of building a steady and reliable Oracle:

While RideTheLightning brought up the devs’ fee which they responded to several times now.

And for the mining section, some very very good news!

On Sunday, this was the snapshot of Haven’s network stats according to miningpoolstats.stream:

Miner.rocks had almost 70% of Network’s Hashrate which compromised it’s decentralization, but at the time of writing this is the state of the Network:

As we can see, hashvault.pro pointed their hashpower at Haven and grabbed 15.4% of the Network’s Hashrate, leaving miner.rocks with “only” 53.6%… meaning that the centralization issue might get completely solved soon!

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As a final note, I’d like to say that from now on LowMarketCap will be referred to in the singular form as only one member produces content and also shares some personal views. Referring to it as ‘we’ would be speaking on the website developer’s behalf which is unfair for him.