Los Angeles Just Proposed the Worst Use of License Plate Reader Data in History.
Nick Selby

As a retired Police Officer (Detective) let me forecast the future of someone from this little endeavor………..you go through the area that Ms. Meddlesome has determined to be only fit for prostitutes and johns, with no other possible redeeming qualities about it at all, and your household is subsequently sent the notification letter. The little missus sees an official document and opens it immediately only to find a “warning — notification” of suspected prostitution patronizing……and this particular girl is unable to read the weasel language that may mitigate the notification because she is seeing RED now. Hubby comes home,after a long day of making sales calls that take him through the area and is confronted by the missus. Other things like economic trials, family problems, health issues, job issues exert pressure that leads to the confrontation escalating and the little missus kills hubby in a fit of anger or hubby slaps her when she persists and he goes to jail for domestic abuse — — — -all courtesy of Ms. Meddlesome. Gotta love it when the government gets it’s “helpful shoes” on.

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