30 Missed calls…

A missed phone call put through to you, might mean a lot to the calling party. That person may have thought it better to find out how you are coming along. He may have even wanted to let you have an important information that could change your story for the better but of course…

You didn’t call or text them back….

Since the roll-out of the GSM service in Africa from the early 2000 up till now, mobile phone usage has increased phenomenally. Along with that, SIM card cost plus tariff plans from the various Telecom service providers have been reducing geometrically year after year. Even all service providers now have a feature that enables you “borrow airtime”, when your current airtime has ran down to a very low point. Data services are now very affordable for smartphone users with apps like whatsapp and IMO, making it very possible to save cost and make internet calls and send offline chat messages.

With all these advantages available for most mobile users (especially smartphone users), to receive missed calls from a particular mobile number for over 20 times and refuse/forget to return the call is just plain….

Its a serious problem among the youths these days.

I have been thinking about something. These GSM service providers, they can explain how to migrate from one tariff plan to another, how you can transfer credit from one phone to another, how you can win money after XXX recharge is done and so on. They have never taken their time to explain to phone users the essence of phone etiquette. Phone etiquette is essential in the world today in building causal and business relationships and please its not a “customer service thing”.

God can favour that person you just treated like crap.

With the way God does His own things these days, someone who is not important today, within a month, can have his story changed for the better. So with the level of carelessness you had exhibited in the past towards him, it would be difficult to have access to any kind of favor from him if you so need it.

Some proud people will still disagree.

Well, it is very normal for some proud people to not return that your “hard-earned” phone call. But if it does happen to you (and it will), don’t become a victim of the circumstance and learn to do the right thing instead.

“Return your missed calls”

Because you know you wouldn’t like it, if your calls were also ignored by someone you like/love too.

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