Loycha — Decentralized blockchain loyalty token. #PRE-ICO #BOUNTY

Loyalty token and Rewards application which will reduce costs. Near real time process with blockchain secure environment for Improving front-end payment capabilities for customer experience.

A short introduction

According to COLLOQUY, loyalty industry market capacity is around 50 Billion dollar.The same report says:”U.S. customer loyalty program memberships have increased to 3.8 billion since COLLOQUY’s 2015 Loyalty Census report. The rate of growth slowed, however, to a 15% increase over two years, compared to a 26% increase over the two years prior to the 2015 census report”.

But despite these, below you can find some statistics from a detailed research of the same company on 2017 :

  • 46% of al loyalty members have active memberships and 54% inactive memberships
  • 59% said they usually ignore an irrelevant piece of brand communication.
  • 57% It took too long to earn points or miles for rewards.
  • 53% The loyalty program did not provide rewards/offers I was interested in.
  • 38% The loyalty program sent too many communications.
  • 36% The loyalty program communications were irrelevant.
  • 32% of Canadians report feeling overwhelmed by the number of loyalty programs available to them.
  • 57% of consumers have left a program because it took too long to earn rewards, and 53% of consumers have left because a program did not provide rewards they were interested in.

A new loyalty era in Blockchain

We are here to change the way the Loyalty Systems work. We are developing a new loyalty network platform of new era in Blockchain which will make the loyalty functional again. We will use Blockchain, Smart Contracts and mobile applications to achieve that. Our plan is to become the leader of loyalty in the world as Airbnb is (the largest accommodation provider which owns no real estate) or Uber is (the largest taxi company which owns no vehicles) or Alibaba is (the most valuable retailer which has no inventory) or as Facebook (is the most popular media provider which generates no content) is.

The real part of revolution that our team will bring is that users data residing on loyalty part will be users private data and only they will own that. Because all we know that the private users data like activities that we do in an airline companies, car rental companies or even in any social media environment etc all they remain in corresponding companies’ databases if we decide to move to another company or software. But with Loycha, the data will not need to move anywhere. It will remain in user’s personal database and users will be able to choose between companies that they want to see their data. This operation will be as easy as opt-in and opt-out in mobile application to show and hide these data from partners, so the new partners will be able to see easily users activities and decide on user loyalty weight or users customer metrics.

Partners will be able to join and be a part of the Loycha by paying ZERO COST FEE. They will not need to pay for joining, or being part of loyalty or having integrated the loyalty. The will not need any hardware or any other cost. It will be totally free and they will have partnerships with all other partners and be able to do easily cross marketing and gain new customers from all partners around.

Also we are going to disturb the marketing sector by removing the middle-man (the main idea behind Bitcoin and Blockchain) and enabling the companies and their customers to interact directly in a win-win model.The model created by Loycha team will enable companies do their marketing and spend their money directly to their target audience by paying their target audience based on smart-contract advertisements (pay target audience on per click, per view, per download, per purchase etc ), so instead of paying middle-mans like Google, Facebook and other companies that sell advertisements, companies will be able to compete and do them in their own and dedicate the goods to their customers.

We will raise the needed funds using crypto financing or as its best known ICO (Initial Coin Offering) as we think that this is the best way to also contribute in Crypto Economy and Blockchain sector.

15 Problems and 15 solutions we offer to solve loyalty problems.

Please read more at Loycha offical website ( Currently in development )


Read more at : Loycha Features ( Currently in development )

Online ownership of Data will belong to users

Only users who store data on the blockchain can access them through encryption keys and partners will be able to access the data through smart contracts and only on the level provided by users

Integration of Companies and corporates

Employees will be able to benefit from different bonuses provided
to them through Loycha and their companies.

Sport teams are integrated

Teams availability to engage with their fans, option to receive funds etc. Every team will have a skin for their mobile app and team badge will be provided to.

Gamification and badges

In the gamification process , Loycha will have friendly competitions using leaderboards and badges which we will mention the achievements of users and enabling them procress tracking. Using smart contracts, companies will be able to create smart and easy to understand tasks so users don’t have to think a lot on what they have to do and how they need to do to complete those.

Location based services

When users are in store or near stores and they have enabled the location services, they will get notified for special campaigns that are personalised to them at those stores and no other people can get. Partners will have chance to to know when the users are at their store and make special promotions to them.

Improving store experience with Beacons

Loycha will provide to its partners with some small devices called Beacons (which you can read more details below), which will enable partners to inform nearby people with smart phone about their products on sale, about promotions, discounts, or about everything they find important for their business.

Mobile payments with Loycha Wallet

Users can use Loycha as mobile payment in all partner shops. If they have enough balance credit, they will be able to pay for any product or service at the partner without having to use cash or credit cards. They will need only their mobile phones and scan a barcode and the payment is processed in 3–5 seconds.


5% of net profit will be donated.

One of the most important part of being human is to support the other people in need. We all work on different fields, starting from us in blockchain and loyalty, but we must not forget that not all people are lucky as we are.

Zero fees for transfers to Charity and Donations.

As mentioned earlier, Loycha will enable receiving free donations for Charities, NGOs and Foundations ( non profit ones ), like Non-Governmental Organisations, Health Charities, Education Charities, Environmental Charities, Child Sponsorship Organizations. There will not be any transfer fee for these donations (except the gas fee which is required for stellar blockchain in transactions and is very very small). It will be enough for the charities and others to validate their activity with legal papers to us.


You can earn Loycha tokens ( LOY ) by joining our bounty program. Please note that all Loycha tokens earned throughout bounty program will be available to withdraw after TGE ( Token Generation Event ) ends. After each assignment you complete, you need to create an application by clicking yellow button in each submission tab. We will only consider submissions that submitted application towards bounty rewards.

Read more at : Loycha Bounty Program( Currently in development )

Loycha Bounty Program


Main Loycha Key Holders will be:

Other holders will be team members, advisors and people investing higher amounts in PRE ICO and ICO.


The PRE ICO campaign will be held before ICO, first we need to achieve some goals and to prove our investors what we have promised. Our priority is to prove our business model and achieve goals on our roadmap, before going to the ICO. That is also the one of the reasons that PRE ICO soft cap and hard cap are kept low, compared to other ICOs in the market.

Quantity Bonus (up to 20%)

Loycha quantity bonus

PRE ICO Bonuses (up to 40%)

We value everyone that joins us on this long road and becomes the pioneer of Loycha. We extra value the ones that believe and support us from the beginning. For this we have prepared two kind of bonuses QUANTITY BONUS + TIME BONUS that can bring you up to total 40% bonus , which will be available for our early adopters:

Other PRE-ICO details

ICO ( Initial Coin Offering )

ICO start time, end time and other details all will be shared later on after we reach some of our milestones and after the PRE ICO period. Please keep in touch with one of our communication channels.

Token distribution

  • Distributed to Community: 70% or 700M tokens
  • Reserved funding: 10% or 100M tokens
  • Founders and Team: 10% or 100M tokens (tokens will be locked for 12 months)
  • Advisors: 5% or 50M tokens (tokens will be locked for 6 months)
  • Bounty Program: 5% or 50M tokens

Funds allocation

Loyalty token and Rewards application which will reduce costs. Near real time process with blockchain secure environment for Improving payment capabilities.