3 Strategies To Goals Achievement — My Simple System To Keep Track Of My Goals

Strategy Number 1

This is how my Medium account looks like

I have published 234 articles.
My goal is to reach 240 today. 
Every hour I look at this number to remind me how much closer my goal is to me. 
All I have to do is work towards it.


Strategy Number 2

Loy Machedo’s Calendar

This is my calendar. 
I had stopped exercising for a month. 
I also relaxed the so called strict rules I had and I began to eat anything and everything — chocolates, ice-cream, snacks. 
And my weight moved up from 72kgs to 77kgs. 
Few days ago, I decided, I needed to get back to losing weight.
So now every single day, after I wake up, I take note of my weight and I recored it. This gives me a reminder how much weight I am losing. I can do whatever I like — exercise, fast, eat healthy — whatever I like. But every single day after I wake up — I am face-to-face with my reality.
Where I stand.
And what I need to do about it.


Strategy Number 3

These are 100 topics I thought about to write on Medium, on my website and to make videos. Every single day, I log into my google docs and look at the number — 100 topics.

My goal is to ensure I bring this down to zero.


Moment of Truth

Numbers do the talking.

You can keeping having ambitious goals, wonderful expectations and grand visions of changing the world. Nothing will happen until you are able to measure what you are doing and have a clear cut idea where you are right now and how fast/slow you need to work in order to reach your destination.

I keep it simple. 
And yes — measurable.

How do you think I make money working without a boss, a corporate job or being in the rat race?

Loy Machedo