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Techloy is pivoting into a data-driven platform

Focused on producing infographics and charts visualising the news stories that matter, Techloy wants to help you make sense of the data and make better decisions.

Loy Okézie
Jun 10, 2017 · 2 min read

Well, what can I say…OK, I’m not shutting Techloy down :-p

At least not yet, but I’m using this medium to announce that we’re moving the 9-year old technology blog to Medium — arguably the coolest publishing platform right now.

Update (February 15, 2020): Get deeper insights into stories that matter around politics, economy, sports, technology, business, entertainment and more.

Why the move? Simple: We’re fed up with the issues around hosting, payments and security threats.

We are bloggers and just want to focus on writing daily about the stories that matter and the startups that make things happen, rather than handle server and security issues on a daily basis.

Of course, we understand the consequences of making this move from WordPress and are aware of the limitations of Medium at this time. Perhaps the biggest consequence is the fact that we may lose all of our older posts, links, etc. as a result of the migration to Medium. Plus, we could potentially be losing advertising revenues since Medium doesn’t support banner ads, etc.

But the good news is that we would be saving server and security fees ($223/month, approx. N90,000/month) as well as avoid the associated payment hassles that come in between Nigerian banks and our foreign hosting and security partners. Thanks to these savings, we could hire more writers and cover more and more stories and startups.

And talking about coverage, we’re changing our style of telling technology stories, startups and apps that shape our digital lives. We’re also changing the way brands communicate with their audiences through content that incite deeper conversations around technology.

While this move might seem too early, it only underscores the fact that we’re early adopters of evolving technology and demonstrates our forward-thinking approach as an industry leading publication.

I’m hoping that you’ll join us in this phase of our journey to become one of the leading tech pubs in Africa.

Loy Okézie

Written by

Data Journalist @techloy focused on producing visual insights into news stories in tech, business, entertainment and sports. Gmail: loy.okezie

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