Goodbye, Hello

I said Goodbye to medium. Yet there’s nowhere else I can tell out or share some of the most puzzling questions I have.

Today, I saw an article and thought to myself what constitutes pedophilia? Does it constitute social media following where men follows younger girls, girls who are way younger than them by at least 5 years? Girls who aren’t of age yet.

Yes, these girls post suggestive photos or too many “ootd” photos in somewhat revealing clothes. But where does the fault lie? If you’re inclined towards having the “pervert” trait, should you knowingly still follow such accounts because it gives you adrenaline rush and the party was “willing” anyway? Or should you avoid it, avoid falling prey to something worse?

There was an old case in Singapore — at a beach countdown party, a girl was groped, let me correct myself, sexually assaulted by several foreign workers. The local audience were split into 2 camps — “the girl asked for it. who asked her to wear sexily” vs “no matter what, how can they molest her like this”. I’m clearly for the second camp. With the recent surfacing of “consent” in sex and what constitutes consent, I absolutely stand strongly for “silence does not mean consent.” If one is incapable of making judgments, statements or decisions and you can tell, then you DO NOT have the right to touch her or invade her body in any way. That makes you a beast.

So to those out there, do you succumb to your vices, temptations and let any excuse, excuses like “no one sees me” or “no one will know” be your shield for doing something controversial? Or do you take control of your fate, your character to decisively stop when you know you shouldn’t carry on any further? Do you let yourself turn into a beast despite the many warning signs laid out right in front of you?

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