The trigger to anger

There’s only one simple task I needed to accomplish — get to the ministry to sign some work documents

Yet it became an awakening call for me to find out one of the biggest, if not, the biggest trigger for my anger — lies

I got into the taxi asking to go to the ministry and after a while of gesturing at the map on my phone, he went “oh” and nodded his head with seeming understanding. Cautious as always, I kept the map on the screen and watch him trail the dots in the right direction.

Suddenly, he just dropped me at a building. This was it, that’s what he signaled. Maps vs him, I’d trust my map so I showed it to him that our blue tracker was far from the target but he insisted he was right. And he refused to wait even when I asked him to, just so I could run off to check with someone. Reluctantly, I got off. When I spoke to the lady at the front desk, she exclaimed that this is not the one and pointed in the general direction. When asked how do I walk there, she waved her hands and in broken English, asked me to take a motorbike. I guess it must be pretty far away.

Yet as I walked out, I refused to take any motorbikes as suggested. I was seething. How could anyone blatantly deny when fact, not truth, fact is shown to them?

I spent the 25 min walk boiling inside, huffing away. That was when I realized, this is my trigger. I questioned myself when had this possibly begun

This article is as messed up as my thoughts are right now. But perhaps, just perhaps, I may have an answer….

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