Newly graduated teachers: Don’t get caught in the landslide.

In the middle of 2014 I completed my Masters in Primary Education and I was ready to take on the world of teaching.

With having teaching practices heavily underpinned by theorists, units of work approved by academics and strategies for catering for difficult behaviours down to a tee… university provided me with a strong sense of the teacher I strived to be.

However just like a landslide, it all started to crumble as my first year of teaching became overwhelming and challenging.

Every teacher has their own teaching style, ideas on “what is correct”, approaches to dealing with students and above all, their choice to either pose the above on others or to let others decide themselves.

At this point I would like to add that my concern is not how other teachers go about their daily profession but more importantly, to not get caught up in others ideas. During my first year of teaching, that is exactly what I did.

There is a common belief that the world university paints to students is incredibly different to the “real world” of teaching. In some ways this is true but in other thoughts, what can really prepare you for the real world? While the world constantly changes pace, ways of thinking and population, your ideologies you are passionate about should stay the same If you truly believe they are worth standing by.

I can truly say at this moment that in 2015, I lost a part of who I am as a teacher. I forgot what I held important to my students and to myself. I got caught up in the landslide of others opinions and tried to please others.

While it is so easy to do, I strongly urge newly graduated teachers to stay true to their beliefs when they step into teaching. Take on board what others have to offer you but as an academic once said to me “the classroom is your world, you can choose to do what you like how you like.”

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