I will never leave you

Trigger warnings

You cover your eyes to hide your face, afraid of the secrets they will uncover. You cry inside, imagining of hurting yourself. The blade making patterns on your skin as the blood seeps down your wrists. You wonder what it would be like if you vanished. You become mute, show no emotion, words won’t hurt you if your a robot. Your days become boring, you play the robot well, speaking only when asked upon. You ditched all your friends, they would be happier without you. The only friend you have now is your blade. He makes you feel better, giving you the pain you deserve. The cuts become deeper, some days the bleeding seems to never stop.

But your realise it doesn’t have to be this way, you don’t have to be a robot forever. You start small flushing your only friend away, you stop bowing your head at people and you speak. You beg for forgiveness to your friends. You begin to smile again, it’s been months since you last smiled and it feels amazing. You stop covering your face. You promised yourself to never go down that path again and you say you’re healed. But you forgot about the voice that will always pull you back in. Always there never forgotten.