I believe that digital communication has enhanced throughout contemporary society with the introduction of mobile phones, computers and other electronic products made to benefit communication amongst individuals.

My overall ambition through creating this blog is to convey via an online platform my insight into various issues affecting everyone at every age.

Digital communication is a controversial issue as it entails both advantages and disadvantages.

It is known that technology benefits and inhibits individuals within society. For example, if a natural disaster were to occur, and somebody within the area had a mobile phone on hand, they would then have the ability to contact emergency. However, when individuals take advantage of a product that is so readily available, it could lead to terrible occurrences.

To contextualise the situation, society utilises various forms of technology for work, study or entertainment.

Now, in comparison to several decades ago, the percentage of individuals around the world utilising a form of digital communication has significantly increased. The prominent reason for this is that it is “easier to get by”.

As a university student at Australian Catholic University studying digital communication, I have been provided with the opportunity to learn the specifics, along with communicating to various other students via twitter and blogging the ongoing social issues of digital communication.

I, Leana Pacialeo affirm to uphold the principle of academic honesty, whereby all work is my own except where appropriately referenced.

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