1. What are digital and communication technologies?

It is known that digital and communication technologies are commonly referred to as information systems. Digital technologies and communication technologies are able to interrelate to benefit contemporary society.

Prior to the twentieth century, information systems such as hieroglyphics, semaphore and Morse Code were commonly used to communicate.

(Symbols, 2016)

In today’s world, verbal and nonverbal messages such as images, text and music are able to be transferred from the sender to the receiver via microwave or satellite-based communication systems.

Communication and digital technologies are classified into groups, such as verbal and nonverbal, (talking/body language) electronic or nonelectronic (mobile phone/talking) and short distance and long distance. (mobile phone/ cable television.

Satellite communication is commonly widespread throughout the world, ensuring success from the sender to the receiver.

(“satellite communication”, 2015)

A particular example within the media (Everyday Engineering: Understanding the Marvels of Daily Life) (“Library Resources Login (EZproxy)”, 2016) illustrates a lecture located within America on the effect of satellites and satellite communication. Specifically, it includes how and when satellites are used for the benefit of society: weather forecasting, satellite television or GPS navigation. The lecturer also conveys to his audience that radio waves are used to transmit signals to mobile receivers. Furthermore, the lecturer states that there are seven types of satellites within the world, used for satellite communication. Of these, they are functioned for military, governmental or commercial purposes.

As a student who has always been interested in technology from a young age and who has recently studied Information Systems, I highly agree with the lecturer in reference to his outlook on satellite communication. His opinions are highly accredited for as civilians within society consider satellites as advantageous. As a result, we are left with the astounding question: What would happen to life on earth if digital communication ceased to exist?


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