Why I Don’t Blog

Lloyd Palfrey
Apr 5, 2016 · 2 min read

I am not a blogger. I have often considered blogging and attempted it a few times but I have never managed to complete a blog post. Well, I should say I’ve never managed to publish a blog post.

I started a new role recently and decided that I would address some bad habits I’ve picked up over the years. The first of those is my point blank refusal to blog. So in this, my first blog, I’m going to detail the reasons why I don’t blog. I hear you ask why — well I’m hoping that by writing it down and publishing it, I’ll get over it and just get on with writing real content.

Programmers Circle — After a rather lengthy period of procrastination, I eventually write my blog. It works, it does what I intended it to do but there is a better way of doing it. I delete everything but the title then I start again. After doing this a few times I have the perfect blog, the only problem is the title doesn’t quite work. I give it a new title and hey presto — we are done. We are however far from where we started and I’m doubting if it serves a purpose now. Does anyone really want to read this tripe? Ctrl-A Del.

Post Obsolescence — Once you put something on the internet, it is there forever. There is no removing it. You can make it harder to find but it will always be there, lurking in the depths of an internet archive. I hate the idea of putting something out there which will be irrelevant in the near future. So I write my blogs to try and pass the test of time. This is particularly difficult for me because the sort of blogs I intend to write are often technical and often relate to enterprise systems. 18 months in technology or enterprise systems is a lifetime and any content older than 18 months old is almost certainly irrelevant. A technical blog with no technical details then becomes completely useless. Ctrl-A Del

Deliverable — Blogging to me feels like a deliverable that you would do for a customer. Except the client is unnamed, there is no scope defined and subject matter is entirely your choice. This is too much, I can’t please everyone. I won’t please everyone. Ctrl-A Del

Writing these down has indeed helped. It’s quite clear that I just need to write, post and move on without caring what people think. These are my musings which may be helpful to people, they are not deliverables.
Watch out for my next blog post. I am sure it will be equally riveting 

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