Best Synthetic Urine Brands 2019

There are many ways to pass a urine drug test, such as natural detox, home remedies, detox drinks, drug detox pills, and fake urine. The best synthetic urine brands on the market come with 10+ different chemicals, they look and some even smell like real pee. However, the lower quality brands do not deliver any of these. Most of them are outdated, their formula wasn’t updated in the last few years, these fake pee brands will fail even on the most basic urine drug test.

How To Not Get Scammed With Synthetic Urine: Read The Reviews

There are many high-quality articles recently online, you can read a lot on how to pass a drug test with synthetic urine, how to keep fake pee warm and of course how to choose the best synthetic urine brands, sadly most people still buy the cheapest quality, basically the first one what they find in their local smoke shop without doing any research or reading some synthetic urine reviews online.

Before buying any product (not just fake urine) always do your own research, reading reviews online is essential, this is the only way you can be sure the product you are buying is not crap.

Synthetic Urine Brands That Are Absolutely Not Recommended

So like I said there is a lot of shit quality fake urine on the market, if you enter a smoke shop you will see these basically everywhere, nice flashy designs, but zero value. The list is long so I am not going to name all of these bad quality products, but to name a few:

· Magnum synthetic urine

· U pass

· Noxide

· Xstream Urine

· Agent X Synthetic urine

And as I said before the list is long, none of these synthetic urine brands will pass you a drug test n 2019. They do not contain the necessary chemicals, their color looks artificial and they do not come with the proper heating system.

If you listen to me, you will stay away from these brands, there are a couple of great alternatives out there and some are in the exact same price range. So why would you buy crap if you can get some of the best synthetic urine brands for the exact same amount of money?

How To Choose The Best Fake Urine Brands

The best synthetic urine brands come with urea, uric acid, balanced Ph and creatine level. The must look like real human urine because recently some lab assistant checks it visually first if your test doesn’t look like the real thing you are busted. My go-to synthetic urine brands are Quick Luck and Sub Solution, both would pass a manual check without risking to fail. They have such a complex formula that they can even pass a 12-panel drug test, they look and even smell like human urine.

Both brands are made by Clear choice, and heat activator powder is included in both kits, which makes urine heating incredibly easy, much much easier than using the microwave. The only downside is the price, they cost over 80$.

If you are on a low budget I would recommend Quick Fix6.2 or Monkey whizz, both are in the 35–40$ price range and they are readily available in most smoke shops. Their formula is not that complex and they do not come with heat activator just with heating pad only, but still they are great value for money and you can pass a simple pre-employment test with them without problem, just make sure your sample is in the right temperature range, if you can keep it warm, you are good to go.