“The key to making the case for service design is to focus on how you want the work to change customer behavior, and then measure the potential impact on the business in numbers.”
— Service Design from Insight to Implementation, Polaine, Lovlie, & Reason

A quick reference guide to success metrics common in the customer experience realm—beginning with three categorical groupings to distinguish them by:

  1. Customer relationship management (CRM) is typically quantitative in nature through tracking market research and point-of-sale transactional data.
  2. Customer experience management (CEM) is more often qualitative in nature through surveying what customers think about a brand…

“The experience economy emphasizes that what customers buy are not only the benefits from the service offering, but also the experience around what is being sold.”

—Joseph Pine and James Gilmore

I remember cereal box prizes as a kid. That element of surprise during an otherwise daily routine was something I always looked forward to. Novelty components of a product or service aim to capitalize on creating memorability through unconventionality. What will we remember long-term about our experiences using a product or service? It’s most likely the unexpected bonuses that stick with us.

The moving industry isn’t exactly known for…

From on-screen to off-screen customer experience—how we’re implementing service design at Bellhops, a moving company.



As a tech-centric service provider, our customer journey at Bellhops spans many channels—from web, email, SMS, concierge/call center to in-person interactions with our beloved bellhops on move day. Like many organizations, we’ve established teams focused in on a single-channel perspective or lifecycle stage—essentially owning a piece of the experience at large. But this often results in disparities from an outside point-of-view—leaving the customer as the only true gauge of our holistic service delivery.

I spent my first two years at Bellhops as a Digital…

Laura Patti

Service Designer @Lyft

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