I’ve just spent the last week refactoring a large chunk of untested code. This came about from having to fix a bug there, but realizing there was absolutely no way that I would be able to write a regression test to prove the bug was tested and fixed.

So I set off on a journey to clean up the code, and to give myself and my team the assurance that the code was tested.

Understanding the code

Confronting some unknown code can be daunting at first. Sometimes the code being investigating was done as a quick fix. Maybe the author didn’t even understand…

I’ve been working on a project that is about four years old. In recent days I moved towards working on new mini applications. In doing so I found myself needing to reference some of the code that exists in the old application. Instead of simply copy and pasting it into the new apps, I pursued figuring out how I could abstract these libraries/utilities. This would allow the code to be used outside that project and only needing to be maintained in one location.

Having knowledge of CommonJS and AMD module systems, I was stuck wondering how I could “use” modules…

courtesy of http://www.wheelsforwomen.co.uk/

I’ve worked with Cordova in the past but recently I decided to take on learning Ionic. In doing so I struggled with some weird issues, extensive stack overflowing, and generally slow development. Because of this frustration I am hoping to save others from experiencing the same thing :).

TLDR version

  • Don’t confuse the cordova terminal command with ionic terminal command
  • Develop against a REAL device.
  • If you must… use an emulator with the right configuration for performance (ionic on emulators is slow…read below)
  • get comfortable debugging with chrome dev tools
  • developing against a local api? setup a proxy
  • $cordovaFileTransfer.upload() doesn’t work with…

Lucas Paulger

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