The five consecutive wins of Luis Pérez Companc

Luis Pérez Companc

“Cinco al hilo” titled the most important newspapers in the country when in September 2005 the Argentine driver Luis Perez Companc led five consecutive victories in the Argentine Rally aboard his Toyota Corolla WRC red color.

It is that with this triumph the corridor aboard his ship and adjudged the Rally of Entre Ríos of 2005. Thus it added its fifth consecutive victory in the Argentine Championship of rally of that year. Second was his teammate Juan Pablo Raies (Toyota) and third, Federico Villagra (Mitsubishi).

The Entre Rios rally was never a mystery for this broker so experienced and trained to run the plains of the Argentine soil.

President of Molinos Río de la Plata

With his brother they had a great experience in each one of the tracks, unique experiences of competition that would not be repeated. It is thus that the present president of Molinos River of the Silver and member of Pecom Energy dressed of glory once more with the mortal hearing the holy shout and the first position like champion.

Son of champions like Gregorio, Luis Perez Companc , made with another victory cradling thus completely the title with the Ferraris, the cars and the company Munchis of Rally in the WRC .

It should be noted that this Argentine race racer not only ran in our country but in the world rally in Cyprus, Japan and others, achieving magnificent performances around the world. Here it can be seen giving a report after breaking it in the rally of Japan.

But that's nothing since his ability to run the family business together with Molinos is also a strong point of his campaign.

So more than to say that the power of the cars that have brought together these phenomenal drivers is the best that could happen to the world motorsport.

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