My Life as Layne

I’m Layne Petlak. I have one sister and a cat. In school I’d describe myself as hardworking, curious, and motivated. I won’t give up on something that’s difficult, I love to learn, and if something doesn’t work the first time I’ll try it a different way. Outside of school I dance and spend time with my friends. I love to dance and do so almost every day, after school. I consider myself as being positive and optimistic. Also, I really wish I could travel more because I love doing so. The adventurous aspect of it is what I enjoy most.

Photo credit: Sloane Petlak

How I Spend my Free Time:

What I worry about:

Song that is special to me:

This song is special to me because it reminds me of my friends. Even if we still aren’t best friends I’ll always remember them and the memories we had.

Me at 9:00 PM on a Friday:

On Friday I was at the football game with all my friends. This is a selfie we took while watching the game.


When I’m not dancing (which I am not now), you can usually find me eating on a typical day.

3 People Who Inspire Me:

1. Misty Copeland

Photo credits: Atlanta Black Star

Misty Copeland inspires me because she started dancing when she was 13 and became the first African American Female Principal dancer of a prestigious ballet company. Even though she had many hardships and started late she worked and made her dream come true.

2. Anne Frank

Photo credit: Anne Frank’s Life

Writing in her diary, she documented her days in hiding during the Holocaust. Despite living in a time with so much hatred and violence she remained positive and optimistic. Believing still at that “In spite of everything I believe that people are really good at heart.” She truly is a good person and that is why she inspires me.

3. Martin Luther King Jr.

Photo credit: Martin Luther King Jr Biography

Martin Luther King Jr. was the leader in the African American Civil Rights Movement. He engaged in nonviolent protests, and of course worked for civil rights for people the same race as him. His “I have a Dream” speech is very well known and he really just did great things. He made people after his death, strive for equality.

Dream of mine:

Photo credit: Hawaai Beach

A dream of mine is to visit Hawaai. It is just such a beautiful place with what seems like so many things to see and do as well.

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