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I happened upon this quite by accident, and I feel compelled to point out a couple of things, but first let me say that I respect the point of view you -started- with, even though, as Mr. Tenda pointed out, you seem to have strayed a bit going forward. I’d also like to know what ‘far-too-for-its-own-good editing’ is.

As a fan of Plinkett and Cinemasins, I would say that it is reductive to judge either based purely on the merits of the criticism offered, because, as you say, each series mixes solid criticism with nitpicking, the only difference being that Stoklasas expertly delves into each and every point, while Jeremy points out inconsistencies and cliches while liberally applying common memes (‘that’s racist’, ‘X is using ALL the X’, etc.), which I think is amusing simply because he’s using cliches to make fun of cliches.

Most of all, though, I feel that critics often draw fire for poking holes in the creative works of others, which is a fair point, but despite what you think of the Plinkett reviews, they are amazingly well put together with some cut-rate but impressive visual effects, and the Cinemasins videos quite often subtract sins and admit that they really like the movie they’re sinning.

But really, what can be said of someone who spends any amount of time and energy criticizing a CRITIC?

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