Why Boréal Bikes is a proud supporter of Cyclehack Berlin 2017

Our commitment to the community

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For a second year in a row, Boreal Bikes will be a proud supporter of CycleHack Berlin. CycleHack is a global grassroots movement that seeks to promote cycling innovation by the people who ride. At a CycleHack event, participants have 48 hours to bring their bike-related ideas to life. CycleHack is open to people of all ages.

Present in over 40 cities worldwide, the event can count on a growing global community in making this event a major cycling worldwide event. You’ll have the chance to rethink, redesign and reinvent the means and ways of how we commute by making our cities better designed and safer for riders.

Being a Berlin-based bike manufacturer, we’ve always felt compelled to work with the community that has been our inspiration. Every day, at Boréal Bikes, we think of new ways of making cycling more sustainable and better designed to suit our lifestyle. We also believe that every community should have an event, like CycleHack, for riders like you, so you can be empowered and have the support needed to express your thoughts and ideas and turn them into real inventions. CycleHack is such an event!

There never has been a better time for a CycleHack in Berlin

In regards to transportation, Berlin is at crossroads. Thanks to the hard work and persistence of our fellow Berliners, new legislation has been introduced that will assure that cycling is our city’s prioritized mode of transportation. Additionally, new technology is emerging that promises to make cycling safer and more enjoyable. For this reason, there never has been time to get the whole community and all city stakeholders involved to rethink, redesign and reinvent how cycling should be part of our more sustainable and safer lives. Boréal Bikes is happy to be part of such an initiative and encourages all local actors to be part of this cycling event. It’s not only about bikes.

Rethink, Redesign and Reinvent Berlin’s Mobility Future

In the name of improved safety, sustainability and greater accessibility to smarter mobility, CycleHack is looking for people like you. Join us in whatever capacity. CycleHack is looking for volunteers, sponsors and participants that will help create a better cycling future for everyone.

As a member of Berlin’s Cycling community, Boréal Bikes is happy to support Berlin’s CycleHack initiative.

Find out more here: http://www.cyclehackberlin.de

or get your tickets here: https://pretix.eu/cyclehackber/2017/