Why Angular Made Me Quit Web Dev
Tobias Merkle

I also had the same feeling….”Slave to Google’s Sadistic Programming Hivemind”…Completely over-engineered framework…I used to train and evangelize angular for more than a year…then I kind of really fed up and gave up on it and moved on ….I gave React a try, now I am able to build prototypes at a much better pace…The only thing I miss in React is Typescript, but its ok to build enterprise apps without it …React is close to javascript…But support for Typescript in React is slowly building up….Nice and neat framework …I under-estimated React bcs it was from facebook and overvalued angular bcs its from Google…Anyways I believe more and more people understand the pain points of Angular and jump to React…No more new frameworks are needed for the web…Observables, Modules, Too much of abstraction have all made angular look like a heavy shit ….Even today, I tried to re-evaluate ui libraries for Angular, I dont find it that convincing …Anyways, I felt the same pain just like what u have explained in this blog…always hitting crazy errors and not able to finish up things in the way its expected too…thats why I gave up on Angular and jumped onto React…Now I am happy and satisfied with React…I wanna spread the word and make people come out of the marketing hype which nowadays confuse people …