And How To Find Them?

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Maintain momentum and ask for help when necessary

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If you feel life is boring, you probably do it right

One small change makes everything goes the downward spiral

In the first three months of this year, I feel I have a good rhythm in terms of writing. Although I have not created many articles, I still write pretty consistently. Until April, when the COVID-19 pandemic starts to…

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And the next roadblock in your life

What can we learn from their structure?

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And the lessons I’ve learned

Obesity in childhood will last for your lifetime

In my memory, I was always the heaviest boy in my class. I was weighted 65 kg (143 lbs) when I was 12 years old and gained 25 kg (55 lbs) when I turned 15 years old. Three years of an extremely sedentary, sleep-deprived, and highly stressful life due to the academics pressure of getting into the best high school made my weight hit an all-time high.

You need those “See God” moments to make a breakthrough

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No-fuel long run

Workout Protocol

Essentially, it is a 4-hour long run without taking any nutrition before and during the run. The main goal is very simple — get your body into that bonk state so it won’t be shocked on race day. This sounds brutal, but when your body runs out of glycogen storage at mile 22, it will thank you that you did this workout. Ideally, the workout should be done 1 month out from your goal race to let your body recover and adapt. Also, remember not to run too fast, you will be pounding the pavement for 4 hours. The pace…

Be Brave and Embrace the Unknown

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It’s Doable, but Your Mind Limit Your Potential!

Three years ago, I started to swim in open water. In an…

And How to Find Your Optimal Running Techniques

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Tony Kung

Swimming, cycling, and running shape my body; coding and thinking shape my mind.

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