The shocking truth about ad blockers that you need to hear.

Todays Ad Blockers are not benefitting consumers or publishers

In 2015, Apple allowed content blocking apps into the iOS store. The apps essentially promise the same thing, to eliminate the annoying pop ups and tracking devices that slow down your mobile browser and eat your data. Some ad blockers apps cost money, some are free but ask for donations, but all have a fundamental problem. They all get the math wrong. Instead of collecting money from consumers, they should be paying them. Is your ad blocker paying you? I didn’t think so. That is why the time has come for Ourdata. Let me explain.

Many of the largest ad blockers today are getting paid tens of millions to push some ads through to you. Instead of the ad blockers keeping that money for themselves, we believe it should be paid back to the consumers because after all that revenue is generated from their data.

The reality is that since the dawn of the internet the ad tech world has been making billions of dollars on the data we generate while browsing online. It’s no accident that the sneakers you search for on Sunday show up all over your news feed the rest of the week. Consumers realize this is happening but what they don’t yet realize is what this data is worth. Even the term the industry uses, data exhaust, seems to minimize the value of what is ‘exhausted’ while we increasingly live our lives online.

While people have been happy to share their data in exchange for free content and services, the truth is that today, as I mentioned above the value equation has reversed: the value of our data plus our attention now exceeds the value of all generic content.


We think it is time for a portion of this difference to be returned to the consumer.

Today’s publishers are losing almost $30 billion annually to ad blockers, returning even a fraction of that to the users can restore balance to the ecosystem. So, if for example, the publishers could convince everyone to switch to the Ourdata app, get their $30 billion back, but shared $10 billion with you, the user, would they do it? Of course they would. And Ourdata and our consumer data union is the perfect vehicle to do it.

Publishers will welcome an opportunity to save their lost revenue

We formed Ourdata, a public benefit corporation, as a way to organize consumers to regain control over, and profit from, our data. We invite you to join the movement by downloading the free Ourdata ad blocker app available in the Apple iOS store link here or sign up online here.

You earn money based on how many Ourdata shares you have. You earn shares just for signing up and you also earn shares every time you refer someone to Ourdata. The larger we are the more power we have so more money should go to those who help us grow the community.

On a personal note, we realized early on the potential value the referral codes could have for charitable causes. By referring large numbers of people to Ourdata charities could accumulate many shares. As a breast cancer survivor, I was thrilled when the Bay Area chapter of the Susan G. Komen foundation agreed to be our launch partner. Enter KOMENSF in the referral code on sign up to earn money for a worthy cause.

Each of us as individuals have little clout but by coming together to form a consumer data union we can leverage our numbers to regain our ability to control and profit from our data.