As I expected after being linked to this article, Lee Quessenberry conveniently ignores the part…
StarSword C

There’s no reason to be hostile here. I’m not reporting this as if I’m some kind of investigative reporter who is with or without every detail. This is merely my own perspective miles away from Hollywood. I also remember the financial report going out because as a donor I too have an interest in the handling of the finances. It may have had something to do with the lawsuit as well, but there’s been several financial reports published prior to that one. I would imagine intervention could have come at any time. Also, my perspective seems to have struck a nerve with you, so thank you for reading the entire article. I’m flattered to even have anyone read and comment in the first place. I’ll do as I please with my tinfoil hat. It was meant to be used here as a narrative piece and it worked. Thanks for stopping by.

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