the assassin heart

Chapter 1 : dead heart

It was my mission to kill another unlucky assassin, who was trying to kill the man that hired me. Here I am in the third floor of our school building snipping for an assassin 3 blocks from our high school building. I am Yuri Dragovich, yes i am a Russian, and living here in Philippines to save my own skin in my own country. My father is the head of a research about creating the top assassins for mother Russia. The project was shutdown by those Politburo guys, who was diverging the funds for the project into the Nuclear power plant in the Pripyat. Damned they was about to perfect its technology until an asshole scientist tried to run the reactor with low cooling state in a higher output power. my father was so angry he activated his first creation and deployed them in Moscow. every one was killed within 2 hours, my father Ivan Makarov, created the supper assassin serum and injected it to me and said “вы будете в конечном итоге убийца моего сына!” he shot himself. his loyal assistant Dimitri Dragovich, became my foster father, we escaped by the help of the assassins who was loyal to my father. they helped us escaped through Ukraine until we’re safe into the hands of the Americans.

“I have a vision of the sniper”

“good.. Yuri make note of where he is and what he is doing”

“copy that comrade ”

I don’t care about the persons who hire me because that’s not an assassins job to know their client, but curiosity got me high this time so i ran the guys background and well the bastards seems to have a lot of friends in the Saudi Arabia who seems disliked his attitude towards selling the oil in the global market.

“comrade the sniper is preparing something i think it is a silencer”

“Yuri.. Take the shot..”

no words escaped my mouth it seems the auto pilot did it again and time slowed in as i was taking the shot, hands in the trigger until i saw in my peripheral vision of a girl standing in other end of the corridor looking directly at me

(speaking in Russian)

“Товарищ я скомпрометированы , но я до сих пор принимает выстрел !”
(Comrade I am compromised but I am still taking the shot!)

“Юрий убить их обоих”
(Yuri kill them both)

As my hands slowly squeeze the trigger i was confused on what should i do and just let my finger decide if the assassin would live or not. the thud of a silenced .50 caliber sniper riffle sounded sweet in my ears target zeroed by the bullet and now my only problem is i am freaking compromised inside of our school campus. realizing that the most talkative, intelligent, spoiled brat and the most beautiful girl in the school campus saw me killing a person in another building.

in my confusion, i took the colt 45 1911 pistol in my bag ran towards her, but she seems not scared of me holding a gun not knowing if she would be killed or not.

“what did you see?”


“why are you here?”

“ohh so it looks like I'm the one doing something wrong in the school campus with a gun”

shit.. I am totally compromised what shall i do to her shall i kill her also or i would do some death treats to her.

my mind is racing to find some rationality in my thoughts

“hide your gun”


“hide your gun faster if you don’t want to be caught by our classmates rushing here in our floor”

shit i have no choice but to follow her instructions i hid my gun in the left side of my pocket and as i was about to run to the end of the hallway to grab my things when she suddenly grab me and kissed me.

i felt that there are eyes looking at us

“oh shit”

“sorry for the interruption guys”

“ Yuri! why the fuck your kissing Kristine!

“he’s my girlfriend Andrew”

Andrew is fucking pissed,he ran down stairs with his friends and some of our classmates went down as she tried to kiss me again

“why did you do that?”

“why you’re so pissed? i think you should thank me for that”

“why should I?”

“for saving your skin”

fuck! gun shots and the radio was deafening of the shouting of the ground personnel

“what the fuck happened?”

“some assassin killed the don point blank range”

“ fuck! i thought that your Intel was solid? what the fuck!”

“seriously! i don’t have any fucking idea!”

“im going down!”

“fuck it! yuri!”

poor bastard, killed by his friends or so called friends, shit i still have problem with this girl, i cannot just pull the trigger and shot her in the head some of our classmates saw us already, fuck this! why this is happening to me!

“where are you going?”

“going to check the area if the killer is still on foot, because an assassin always look on its price”

“I’m also going with you”

“what the hell? would you go somewhere else safe and also keep your distance to me darling”

“why? i just save you from being caught!”

“yeah well, i’m just saving your pretty white skin from being killed”

“so you like me?”

“no! spoiled brat!”

i went to the other end of the hallway to get my riffle to grab my things and get the hell out of our school and just enjoy some cold drinks. she’s still standing at the end of the hallway.

“what kind of gun is that”

“this is a customized Barrett m82 sniper riffle, .50 caliber sniper riffle, and this is a classic .9mm colt 45 1911 pistol”

shit.. i don’t like where this is heading.

walking towards the stairs, she just walking behind me. i knew she was starring at me because i can feel it. commoners life is just so boring, they don’t know what would happen to them. I knew personally what would happened to me if i would make a mistake, and this girl will be my mistake if she would cross deeper into my life.

in the life of an assassin, you don’t have any life, you couldn’t just attend any outdoor party or just roaming around the street and just having fun or enjoy the carnival that is making every one exited about, i cant just go anywhere without any bullet proof vest that can’t merely save my life and you couldn’t just attend the funeral of your friend.

as we reached the ground floor, the stares of the students and teachers intensifies because of the lipstick that smudged on my face. she finally caught my phase and said

“Hey Yuri, lets go to the cafeteria, my treat”

i did not complain, i would be an asshole who would decline a free treat haha and this will be a rampage!!! but i can’t because i am not that kind of person even though i’m an assassin i’m also a gentle man like the others.

“suit your self”

“what will be your choice will be mine also”

“yeah? well i have decided to go home and prepare for some dinner”

good news for me i can rest and sort things out because my head is spinning on what just happened today specially who contracted the second assassin.

“great!! well thanks i can leave now”

“wait your still invited though, asshole!”