Rather than let it upset me, I worked harder. I didn’t miss a beat in the 6 weeks I was away — even if it took catching up and typing emails at 2am as I pumped breast milk!
Balancing Brains, Beauty, Boobs & Booty
Vidya Narayanan

Are you implying women who focus solely on their baby during their maternity leave are lazy?

I understand if you have to do this to keep your high powered job. Especially in this “man’s world”.

I chose an alternative route. I took 4 months maternity leave to focus solely on my baby. I negotiated a part time schedule of 30 hours a week afterwards, and I was able to keep that schedule for 3 years.

I was able to do this because I proved myself for years prior to getting pregnant and they wanted to keep me on as a subject matter expert. Now I’m back full time and providing great value for the team.

There should be a place for both types of moms in corporate America.

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