After a short while there, the girl turned to her mother and said in a pouty voice, “Mom, I don’t like this place!” Meanwhile the boys were into it and have been going for over a year now. The class overwhelmingly consists of white and Asian teen boys — BECAUSE THAT’S THE DEMOGRAPHIC THAT MOST LIKES COMPUTERS, AND THAT’S NO ONE’S FAULT.
Ironically, your response is exactly the sort of desire to label and suppress that this anonymous…
Dan Austin

It is so intimidating to be the only girl or one of the few girls in a class. So, from the get go, girls are disadvantaged from learning how to code because they do not have a safe space to learn. Yes, I used the word “safe space” from experience, because I remember the sexually suggestive language in my intro coding classes with jokes about floppy disks and hard drives. Jokes and banter that would not have occurred in a diverse environment.

Conversely, the boys have a strong advantage or privilege with being able to learn in a class where they are with others just like them (i.e.: other boys)

It is our fault for not providing an comfortable environment where girls can learn to code.

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