Why were Facebook, Google, and Amazon so quiet about net neutrality?
Colin Horgan

Unfortunately politicians who know near nothing about the issue ( just like healthcare, cyber security etc) will make more then likely another stupid regulation or law about something they don’t even understand. Instead of staffing up with experts in these fields they just do what the political parties ( big business, Donors want) not the people they are suppose to be representing! Our system has become way to corrupted by money and power and no ones seems to want to or be able to fix it. Politicians are debating everything except the real problem,( political parties) control of them! No Morals, honesty, ideas solutions of their own in way to many cases! Government agencies have become little dictatorships whose power you don’t dare question ( like the EPA) or they will ruin you and like the EPA they talk science but only use it when it empowers them not the population and this is the under current of why Trump really got elected yet no one seems to know or understand the real issues! have a great day everyone and please think for yourself, you are not part of a corrupt team ( political party, religion) they are only using you and don’t give a crap about your well being!