The Trials and Tribulations of My Life

By Luke Reinhardt

So where do I start really? From birth? From my first memories? Who knows and who really cares. My name is Luke Reinhardt. I was born on August 19th 1999. My life has been rather complicated in regard to my family. I come from a family of ignorant people that tend to only care about what they think. Maybe I’m just being a teenager but I have a firm belief that this isn’t just “a faze” I’ve had to be more mature than my age for a long while now. But back to the real topic. My life. I have a brother that I don’t talk to anymore because that relationship was broken from all the years that he treated me as some object that he a sense of fictitious authority over. Which was of course given to him by my parents. When I was younger I had a lot of ear problems. So many that I had to actually have 3 surgeries on my ears. This caused me to be held back a year in kindergarten. This means I should be a senior in reality but, here I am. Stuck in junior year. After the years I attended kindergarten I went to a catholic school by the name of St. James. Here I was bullied and showed the real catholic way of how people treat other people. Some say “O thats just how kids are to eachother.” That wasn’t really the case when I left in second grade to go to Windsor Elementary. I’d love to explain my life some more but this has definitely exceeded 100 words. If you’d like to know more just ask. I’ll be glad to type away. I really like this song because of the harmonics that it has and just how it sounds in general. I also like this song because of the first line that comes out. It just makes me realize the real things about life and that nothing is always going to go right.

fc: to Forbes magazine

This is Logic. He is an idol to me because I love his music and even he has gone through a really really rough moment in his life. He came from a broken home but made it to the top by never giving up.

This is Hunter S. Thompson. He is an author that created the journalistic style gonzo. Even though he is weird he inspires me to live and think out of the box.

Another figure that inspires me is Nelson Mandela. He inspires me to realize that we are all equal on this earth. No matter where we are from and who we are.

It’s a dream of mine to graduate with good grades so that I can go to a good college.

I believe America is a very diverse place full of wonderful people of all different looks. Sure there can be your occasional jerk but that’s just life.

Many Americans act like clowns. Some people are so oblivious to things that happen around them. We also look like an idiot as a nation sometimes. Our politics have turned into reality TV as and example.

We kinda keep watch. We are always looking to help the next situation to give people their human rights it seems.

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