The Sign

“Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews” John 19:19

In three tongues my words proclaim
First his name and then his reign
Stop and read with seeing eyes
No mere man is he who dies

For David’s son is David’s lord
Mary’s child was in heav’n adored
He came to earth for this curs’d tree
Behold, divine humility

Israel’s child, I address you first
For by far your guilt is worst
“Caesar is our King,” you cried
Yet of Messiah, “Crucify!”

He wept for you, His blood and kin
He will return your hearts to win
For ancient promises hold fast
Abraham’s hope will come at last

Men of Rome, what have you done?
You struck and bruised God’s only Son
What you meant for heinous evil
Brought greatest good to God’s people

Italian shores will welcome those
Who preach Jesus to thirsty souls
Roman churches will one day sing
“Jesus, not Caesar, is our King”

All the families of the earth
For you this Jewish king has worth
He dies for you, sin’s debt to pay
And will rise to end death’s sway

Your dead idols now forsake
And this King today embrace
His perfect life will clothe you whole
And fill with peace your guilty soul

“It is finished,” He now declares
He has achieved what God prepared
Adam’s race from sin set free
Here hangs God’s Lamb in victory

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