My Life Is Crazy

My name’s Logan and my life can get pretty hectic. First, just starting high school went pretty smooth, except for the fact I know almost no one in my classes. Starting high school was kind of rough, but knowing some seniors and juniors, through my older brother, made things a lot easier for me. And things at home can get chaotic with my two little siblings and my mom and dad in a small house. My siblings can get extremely annoying, and fast. They usually are the start of most of the yelling with them being close in age.

2. My Life Outside Of School

Greatest Fears

The song “ Monster”, I feel, is about a man with two personas each fighting for control and switching places constantly. This song is kinda of like my life in sense. I don’t have constantly switching personalities, but I do have two different personas sometimes switching between them at random in different situations.


A snapshot of a squirtle I found before the football game on Friday at Lions Park.



Ragna the Blood-edge

Ragna is wanted by the government of his world for trying to overthrow the corrupted world government. He travels the world trying to free the people from this deeply rooted oppression.


In Erin’s world there a human eating Titans that have hunted humanity to the brink of extinction. Erin joins the task force that have been trained to take these monsters down to save the human race from becoming extinct.

Natsu Dragneel

Natsu’s life had been rough when he was a child, from losing his family to being adopted and trained by a fire dragon who just up and vanished one day. Natsu only let these tragedies strengthen his resolve to protect his friends and to go on to a life of crime smashing.


This picture symbolizes for me my dream to one day do something great to help the rest of humanity let it be a small problem or the literal end of the world. I would try to solve that problem and more to beyond the best of my ability for all beings, be them human, insect, reptile, or something in between.

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