i fucked up so many times. do i have a purpose in life? like what the hell i failed being a daughter, a sibling, a granddaughter, a student and take note i failed being a best friend/friend too. i fucking hate myself for not being perfect. i hate myself because i’m still fighting in this world even though i don’t even have reason for continuing this shit. i cant do something to stop this its so painful, that i cant feel my own heart breaking. i cant breathe properly every time i see someone that i loved that being happy without me and hell here am i being miserable every fucking seconds in my life. i’m so done and tired, i want to be away from all of this people because i’m a toxic shit. if i’m miserable and i keep hanging out with them they will be miserable too. i love them so much and i don’t want to see them being miserable because of my fucked up life.

  • not edited (I’m sorry for grammatical error, I’m so emotional right now)
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