October 1st. Isn’t really all that significant to me, at all really, I mean I guess it marks that Halloween is approaching which is great!🎃

I’ve decided this will be my journey(pun intended if you read my bio😉) or journal for my last year of high school. I am a senior and I don’t hate high school but I don’t like it either. Yesterday we had a cross country meet it went well it was a really fast course, I ran a 24:32 and I’m not upset with it my goal this year is to run a 23 minute so I’ll have to try again next Friday although we only have two meets life which is actually really sad. I’ve been running cross country since 8th grade, I’ve never been the fastest but I’ve never been the slowest either. I feel like I’m always in the middle on my opinions and where I stand.

Today I have work 6–930 which really means 6 “till I let you off,” which really sucks because I have a volunteer event tomorrow morning where we have to be there at 415AM it’s really sad. My friend got her wisdom teeth out Thursday and I told her I’d bring her ice cream, she wants raspberry ice cream. I’ve never even heard of that and I’m not to sure where I can find that either. I’ve decided today will be dedicated to applying to schools so I should really go run that over to her ha-ha.

I’ve applied to four colleges already all out of state, so far I’ve only heard back from one (Western Michigan University)and I got admitted! But it’s not my number one choice. My act score is extremely low, because I can’t test fast I’ve have been able to I need time and 35minutes is not long enough to answer 40 questions I’m just saying. Xoxo

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