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It began with a day when the breeze
sang a gentle chorus on the leaves,
And the sun hid its imperfections
from the flawless clouds;

An iota of my ambition
slit open from my veins
and fell on the ground.
Only to rise again
and look me in the eye;
questioning my choices,
revealing deepest fears, and
finding hidden treasures.

An innocent child learning to find his voice,
A naive kid ready to save the world,
An impatient teen waiting to break out
Then a rebellious man, responsible for none.

Compromise is never an easy choice
when you have the world at your feet.
So don’t blame me for dreaming
of green pastures beyond the seven realms,
waiting to be conquered, seen and visited

Charting my course without a map,
I set out to find the treasure
long lost in the sea of change.
But when time blows the wind,
it stirs up a storm, where
it’s tough to navigate the waters
and find a familiar shore.

I end up at a gate with two doors
hiding a wooden chest,
impatient to meet the right key
that opens a life trapped inside.
Deception guards true beauty;
for fools judge by looks:

A ball and chain.

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