Project 1

Centre + Highland (8/30/2016~3:30pm)

(Written in present tense)

The first distinctive sense that stands out to me, other than the obvious heat, is the smell of firewood burning and pizza. I also smell an underlying scent of car fumes, which is explained by the fact that I am currently sitting on bench on a corner of a busy intersection. The cars are also responsible for all of the noise, especially the booming bass blasting from their stereos.

In two of the corners of the interesction lie restaurants, in the third a cafe, and the fourth a bank.

There are not many people walking around, which is most likely due to the heat. They’re all wearing regular clothing (t-shirt and pants), nothing fancy or out of the ordinary. There is also no distinct demorgraphic or race, and most of them look middle aged.

Out of my surroundings, the most interesting thing here seems to be the tall church looming over a block away. This causes a deep contrast between the new and the old architecture. In fact, three of the four corners look older and used. The cafe however, is made of glass and is clearly inspired by modern architecture.

As for how I feel, I feel small. And it isn’t about how tall the buildings are, since they’re all three stories high), but rather the non-stop movement of the cars, and the constant rush of noise. Everyone is minding their own business and going their own way. The little amount of people on the street are either on their phone, or listening to music with their headphones. They all have obvious destinations and don’t plan to stroll around the streets.

Centre + Highland (8/31/2016~5:30pm)


Cutout Phase 1 (9–5–16)

The first trial of the cutout image was a difficult experience for me. Personally, I was not happy with my final product, however, I knew that it could only get better. These are images of the aftermath:

It was similar to how I felt. I let the project defeat me, as I was already feeling overwhlemed by the first week.

Cutout Phase 2

This time I changed the paper as well as the glue. It felt as I started from the beggining all over again. I cleared my mind and started from the beggining. I re-planned each layer and decide to see that through Illustrator.

Final Phases

This time I planned out what my final color cutout could possibly become. I started adding on paper what I had free-handedly cut on the last cutout.

I started exploring, and this was probably the most fun I’ve had in this project. I wasn’t too worried about it because it was process and it was my sketchbook, so I didn’t put any pressure on myself to make it perfect. I played around with taping, glueing, outlining, and writing, and didn’t overthink anything I did.

It was also extremely helpful. This process helped me visualize what my final composition was going to be, and I was able to research the which color felt the most approprite for my image.

Final Product

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