What drives Human Potential ?

Goals drive human potential. How far can we take our ambitions? How big can we dream and accomplish? Goals are about our inner desires that we want to make a reality. We wish to keep some goals to ourselves. Living our lives each and every day never publicly declaring what we want to accomplish. Why do we keep our goals to ourselves? Maybe it’s because we are private people and don’t want anyone else to know what we are up to. Maybe it’s because we don’t really know clearly what our goals are but we have a rough idea and are still waiting for the blind clarity of our goal to reveal itself. Lastly, maybe we don’t tell anyone because if we don’t accomplish it… We are the only ones who will know if we failed or not. Some people scream their goals at the top of their lungs for the whole world to hear, some don’t .

No matter what situation we are in, goals are personal and for that reason we are emotionally connected in reaching them. When someone threatens the idea that we can’t reach our goals , or they blatantly claim we are not good enough or are crazy for trying in the first place …that is personal. Goals are what keep us alive, encourage progress and ensure we have a purpose in life. Don’t shy away from how personal goals are. Goals are what we want to achieve deep inside and make a reality. Some are completely within reach while some are seemingly impossible but still reachable with long term commitment and dedication.

Set goals for how you will use you 24 hours.

Other goals are impossible to reach but are still dreamed about and pursued and that is what makes being human so special . We are allowed to dream and then we are able to create. We have goals and they are personal. Animals don’t have goals, they have instinct. They hunt to eat and eat to live. They mate to continue their existence but this is not because they have goals , it’s all instinct. My dog Leo, though he sometimes tries to look regal and important does not aspire to become President of the United States of America, he has needs that need to be met and that is where his ambitions end .

Humans on the other hand have wants that they need to be met in order to feel accomplished and fulfilled and that is not a bad thing. It’s human, and makes us different from all other species. It is to be celebrated . It is why we continue to innovate. It is why the human race continues to progress and become better with every generation. Even in times that we come close to annihilating ourselves we continue to seek knowledge to do things better than ever before. We should embrace it .

Goals are the gateways to human potential. Set goals and set them often. Make them challenging,but above all ,make them meaningful. Living a real fulfilled life depends on it. Set hard goals and achieve them. Then do it all over again. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. Realize your human potential. Start today.