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Not to single anyone out but we come from a world of big multi-national companies such as Coca-Cola, General Motors, China National Petroleum, etc. Back then these companies made all their fortune by getting really good at manufacturing a set of products. Then the 90s rolled around, we woke up and were building companies, bigger than any of the previous ones by writing software…

As new issues under this new industry arrived, we “made it work” with our old processes. …

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The first edition of this book was published on 1997 and it is still as relevant as it can be.

The Innovators Dilemma by Clayton M. Christensen goes in an in depth study of many companies, big and small, in their attempt to grow and remain relevant in a rapidly evolving business environment.

There are two key concepts that every company has to deal with while trying to evolve their current business: Sustaining Innovation and Disruptive Innovation. Sustaining innovation refers to making changes to the current product to remain relevant (tweaks). These changes are generally features that the company’s market/users…


CTO/CPO, HomeStars Inc

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