I’m walking alone in the desert
I’ve walked now for miles 
In silence
The grains of sand blown by the wind 
Leave little cuts on my burnt face

I am alone 
I cover my head
with a dark magenta shawl 
the color of wine
or blood

I walk 
My feet sink in the sand
My legs feel weak and wobbly 
The way they do after a tough swimming practice 
I’m a swimmer 
But there’s no water here

I cover my face with the shawl 
Leaving only my eyes free 
Being free, they look around 
Towards a vastness of nothing

I keep walking 
I am now the mahgrebi everyone says I could be
I search

There’s something I need
I know I need it 
A drink
A drug 
A magic potion

It’s why I keep walking 
I gotta have it 
I couldn’t find it where I came from
So I wonder in the desert 
but I find no one

I see a tent in the far distance 
to the north of me
I recover some strength 
I march on the tent’s direction
but it’s never there 
where it’s supposed to be

Alone and weary 
I lay down on the sand
I close my eyes
I let myself be 
covered in sand 
Just a thin layer 
Yet another 
and another one
Until there is no more 

Originally published at on August 29, 2017.