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Soros manages to get credit for humanitarian projects but those who have looked more closely find that he has his own motives and agenda: to not only defend and and promote capitalism but massive globalization based on all the supra-national treaties and entities such as NAFTA, WTO, World Bank, IMF. While he accepts the impossibility of eliminating all nation-state boundaries in Europe, nonetheless he has explicitly supports a new trans-European agency not accountable to member countries and one that is empowered to override nation-state policies that do not meet certain criteria

(criteria invented by him of course). Soros is a megalomaniac who cultivates world technocrats , financiers and government officials assiduously to bring them over to his point of view. To date this seems to be a successful ploy. Of course the wishes of the populace of nation-states have no role in this. In the end we are talking about a strongman trying to impose his own vision of the world on everyone. Anyone who looks deeper into what Soros says and has written will confirm all of what I have said here. It’s time to deflate and expose what he intends and what the adverse implications for democracy and self-determination are. Be sure that the present refugee problem will be used to illustrate Soros’ charges that opponents of immigration are racist and neo Nazis, as if there were no other genuine risks involved, not least environmental and overpopulation problems, not to mention the violence committed by the majority single male Muslims from north Africa and Pakistan in the refugee camps as well as in their host countries: Calais jungle with men jumping lorries and blocking traffic on highways with junk; faking passports; rioting in refugee centers in Greece and Europe, and a general attitude that they are OWED houses, income and jobs by Europe even though no one invited them to come. As for Syrians, some are legitimate but all are devout Muslims who mock the notion that they are expected to become Germans or Swedes. They have no intention of assimilating much less embracing western notions of democracy, civil liberties, laws and justice, and women’s equality. It’s no wonder the right wing has taken control of this issue considering the depth of the denial of liberals over the threat of mass migration. And just wait till climate chaos falls on us like a ton of bricks. There are 65 million displaced people and 20 million present refugees. There’s no room for them in Europe; tell the Saudis and emirates to take them. And then hundreds of millions more from countries with patriarchal control of women’s bodies, women’s disempowerment, no birth control. Why should the rest of the world help them when they show such irresponsibility? Why do we owe families with ten or more children, families who think it is their right to have as many children as they want? The refugee problem is proximately due to war and persecution but the ultimate cause is overpopulation that cannot be sustained due to exhaustion of resources and social conflict.

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