Ignoring all the gratuitous and childish insults… to the extent you invoke reason at all in the…
Ethan Edwards

Well, if so, then I’m in good company — Hume’s, when he says, “reason is, and ought only to be the slave of the passions.”

I would prefer to say, however, that to the (very great, I think) extent that I invoke reason in the original post, it is in service of my values. I very strongly cleave to certain of my values, including, indeed, such things as the importance of childhood innocence and of free will and self-discipline.

You and your fellow “celibate pedophiles” are sick and perverted. You use your education and intelligence to rationalize the feelings the lie behind one of the most horrific crimes known to humanity.

It’s not just the act of molestation that is evil. The feelings behind it are evil as well. You bear a heavy burden to rid yourself of them. You also need to delete your blog and, if you write about the subject again, act to undermine the simply evil idea of “virtuous pedophiles.”

As a free speech advocate, I’m not saying you should be censored if you don’t delete your blog. But if speech can do damage by helping to create and support a truly sick and evil community, then your speech certainly is.

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