Trump V. Hillary Debate II. Back a dog into a corner and he’s gonna bite back.

Hillary And Trump During the Second Presidential Debate

New York, Sunday October 10th — Fordham University’s Republican and Democrat groups hosted a viewing party of CNN’s live stream of the second Presidential debate.

The stage was set for another heated and, as many are calling it, “unprofessional” debate. This time the debate would be held at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. However, unlike the first debate, last night’s ran with a Town-Hall-Style, where the candidates were supposed to be seated across from one another, answering questions from selected members of the audience. These audience members were screened by the Gallup Organization. They were either undecided voters, or softly leaning toward one candidate or the other.

Fordham University’s Mcginley 2nd Floor

In the 48 hours prior to last night’s Debate, Trump’s campaign took a heavy hit, making it appear as if Hillary would run away with the race.

Leaked video/audio of Donald Trump having an extremely inappropriate conversation about kissing, groping, and trying to have sex with women during a 2005 conversation caused a massive stir in the election. According to Martha Raddatz “In just 48 hours it has become the single most talked about story of the entire 2016 election on Facebook with millions and millions of people discussing it on the social network.”

With Trump’s back against the wall he released an apology video to the American people. While outraged, the American people were pleased that he owned up to his actions. Meanwhile Trump had other plans. Mere hours before the debate was set to start, Donald Trump went live on Facebook, and to everyone’s surprise was with three women (Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and Paula Jones) who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct.

This last minute attack on the Clintons left Trump with an escape route from the scandalous reveal that he found himself, and furthermore it supplied him with new ammunition to use in the debate.

Sarah Gifford, an Economics Major at Fordham University believes that “While Trump’s decision to attack President Clinton was clever, he can’t expect this news to affect Hillary Clinton’s credibility as much as the leaked video has affected his.” Furthermore, Miss. Gifford believes that “In the future Trump should focus more on Hillary’s faults as opposed to her husband’s”.

With Trump’s attack already aimed at the Clintons, the clock struck 9:00, and the Second Presidential Debate began.

The atmosphere of the watching party at Fordham University was quite serious. All of the students who gathered to watch together were thoroughly engaged. They wanted to hear about the policies the candidates were discussing, (when policies did finally get discussed!) which made it feel as if the viewers were actually in the audience of the real debate. The advantage of having such a small crowd was the ability of people to react to the politicians actions.

After the debate I had the privilege of speaking to Elenore Werner, a registered Democrat, about her reasons for choosing Hillary.

“As a female, I am voting for Hillary for all the social issues she stands for, and after all of the social changes that have occurred in the past few years, I believe that she is the best candidate…Also, having a women president will be a massive step for women across the world”

Hillary and Trump will square off once more before election day in the third Presidential Debate on Wednesday, October 19th, located at the University of Nevada, in Las Vegas.