It Starts with the Children

Sounds corny and trite, right? Nothing should be further from the truth.

It happened again. I received a phone call about my daughter’s inclusiveness at a recent birthday party. I am seeing a trend with my daughter. She makes it a point to include “outsiders” during play time.

Kids who historically have played alone at parties once again had an amazing party because Isabella paid attention to them and was inclusive. The calls go like this: “Your daughter made my daughter’s day.” “My son hasn’t stopped talking about Isabella and how much fun he had.”. “My child is usually miserable at parties but Isabella made it better.”

They compliment me for “doing something right”. What did I do? Kids do this naturally. Most are born kind.

Is modeling this behavior impossible? Do we become so hardened and self centered over the years of life that embracing others becomes a chore? Do we find we can’t learn anything from younger people?

I pray every day that whatever happened to all of us hardened and dispassionate souls never happens to Isabella.