Glass is getting in the way of our relationships.

It seems as though glass has gotten in the way. Under the veil of media, social and otherwise, we are losing touch, literally.

Glass is in the way from personal touch, honest conversation and real connection. We hear and read this a lot these days but are we listening? Are we paying attention to what this is doing to our society and our relationships over the long term?

I am one of those folks who was thrilled with the discovery of FB and similar mediums. This tool, when you are part of a global family, is fantastic to share family photos, recipes, jokes and the like.

However, social networking is morphing into a repository and regurgitation of anguish, hate and fear. Why? I think the reason is two fold: there is a piece of glass that separates the author from the audience providing far more license than up close and personal and, second, we all thought we were like minded people.

That piece of glass is like a wall that allows an anything goes mentality that normally doesn’t exist in person. Bravery goes up a notch. That glass is completely translucent and can easily break yet we use it as if it will never tumble.

Like minded people are individuals. Let’s not forget. Socioeconomic status may be similar, education similar, politics similar. However, people are individuals that can experience many of life’s trials. Similarities can and will ultimately diverge. That is OK. Humans are awesome. Homoginy isn’t.

I recently realized I have several text only relationships. The people tend to be younger in that group in comparison to my other friends. Can you imagine how many miscommunications have transpired due to lack of tone, English as second language, etc? Did we accurately understand the communication? Not every time guaranteed. Isn’t that disconcerting? It is for me.

Communication is awesome. We read and write more than ever now. That can’t be a bad thing, right? I posture that due to miscommunication and possible missed communications it is a very bad thing.

So, I am going to start increasing the amount of hand shakes and hugs in my daily routine. I am going to increase eye contact. I am going to listen twice as much as I talk…at least I’m going to try!

Putting the phone down so I can go out and socialize. Have a great day.