The deeper you dive

The deeper you dive, the stranger things get

Each plunge into the abyss takes you closer to find yourself more distant

Quickly you realize that your body was not made for this, so you prepare

Boots, helmet, gloves, belts

Every time you go further below you add some layer of protection

After a while the pressure becomes too unbearable so you cover your entire body sheltering it from any harm

Deeper and deeper

You keep searching for some sort of treasure that might have been lost many years ago, aching to bring it to surface

And yet you fear that a monster might swallow you hole, stealing any chances of return

Even so you dive further

The sun starts to the fade as if its mere presence was a distant dream and the only reality is the crushing weight of the blackness that surrounds you.

You see things moving that are alien to you and things that seemed so small on the surface taking colossal proportions.

Every time you dive is the longest you ever did, and yet, it’s not ever long enough

The only thing you know for sure is that

The deeper you dive, the longer it takes you to return